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300 Spartan Leg Blast

No equipment required to prep your legs for the shield wall! This bodyweight program takes you through a 15 minute lower body workout where you’re sure to break a sweat and feel accomplished. Now there’s no excuse to skip leg day. Let’s go!

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100 Push-Up Challenge

Let’s see how many pushups you can do! This program breaks up your exercises to get a full chest workout in under 10 minutes.

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Tone & Build Series

These quick workouts are perfect for toning your physique and building functional muscle. Use these plans as a reference for Megan Le’s TONE & BUILD  series in the Osu Gym video library. 


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5-Day Training Split

Access the full PDF breakdown of Noah Fleder's 5-Day training regimen, hybridizing Martial Arts and fitness to bring your training and health to the next level.


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30 Min. Boxing Inspired Workout

Use this workout as your personal coach. Each round blends cardio and technique to give you a great full body workout while developing your boxing.  

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