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Bruce Lee

(JKD) is a style of martial arts created by Bruce Lee. With Noah's 10+ years experience in JKD he takes you through the drills and philosophies Bruce Lee used to train when developing this system. You’ll gain knowledge and insight as to why Bruce Lee is known as the Grandfather of MMA. Become part of that legacy as you elevate your own training in this JKD program by Osu Gym. 

Jeet Kune Do

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FREE 🤑 Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is a style of martial arts created by Bruce Lee. You’ll go through the drills and philosophies that Bruce Lee used to become known as the grandfather of MMA.

🔒 At-Home Training

Noah brings you his unique knowledge that’s helped him become one of the top martial artists in the world. This course is specifically tailored towards being stuck at home with limited space and resources to train.

🔒 Action for Actors

Learn skills and tools that you can use to make your martial arts movement come alive on camera!

🔒 Fighters Program

The science of fighting. Noah Fleder and Jon Alegria dive into unique strategies and skills that are applicable to fight scenarios.

🔒 KDT - Front Kick

Upgrade your front kick with KDT (Kicking development training) drills which focus on 3 different areas: 1) The Basics 2) Combat application 3) Aesthetics with an emphasis for film or performance.

🔒 5-Day Training

In this course, Noah Fleder takes you through a full 5-Day training regimen, hybridizing Martial Arts and fitness to bring your training and health to the next level.

🔒 Recovery

Learning a proper recovery process is crucial to prevent injuries, maximize gains, and rebuild in order to get back to training ASAP.  Noah takes you through his favorite routines between training sessions. 

🔒 Basics Series

Originally created for his One-on-one students Noah shares his technical breakdown of the fundamentals that every martial artist needs to know.  These are the A,B,Cs of developing great form. 

🔒 Intro To Tricking

Noah Fleder shares the foundation of tricking in a simple, easy to follow step-by-step progression that will give anyone a great start for adapting their martial arts into tricking. 

🔒 TKD Tricking Cheat Kick

Begin taking flight with our cheat kick series. Noah Fleder teaches you how make your movements efficient and sharp while learning to get off the ground while kicking. 

🔒 Conditioning For High Kicks

Are your kicks not as high as you want them to be? This course takes you through unique mobility drills that target flexibility within your kicks. Noah takes you through some of the secrets to kicking head level and beyond. 

🔒 How to Make Your Kicks Not Suck!

Peter Icangelo, a professional stunt man and head instructor under Master Simon Rhee has a fun time taking you through some of his go-to drills to help students fix bad habits and become technically sound. Don’t worry, in his 38 years of teaching there’s no bad habit he hasn’t seen and had to fix. 

🔒 Tone and Build Workout

These quick workouts are perfect for toning your physique and building functional muscle. Megan Le takes you through her program of different workouts that you can use to build a comprehensive training plan.